Safety & Insurance

With Campus Car our driver and rider safety is an absolute priority. All of our drivers go through a background check, sex offender registry check, and their motor vehicle record is checked as well. Every driver goes through an interview process and is vetted by our management. 
Within the app we are offering two different safety features that other ridesharing companies do not offer. 
1. We give the option to request the gender of your driver. Woman who are traveling alone are now able to request a female driver if this makes them feel more comfortable. If no female drivers are available, they will be notified that only male drivers are available and have the option to request or deny a ride. 
2. Each passenger has the ability to enter up to 5 different contacts within their app. In the case of emergency during a ride, they are able to push "Emergency" and the app will send their exact location with a brief emergency message to all 5 contacts. 
Campus Car is covered! We are insured in accordance with Transportation Network Company laws in the state of Tennessee.